Monthly Archives: September 2004


Tears stream into ink…

the page is danced upon…

Today was full of happiness only to be crushed by sorrow.  I had great fun last night entering the baptismil of Bridget, i love you.  Also, today was a wonderful field trip to the Pain Art Museam and the Oshkosh Public Museam.  I may have to depart from RSA, frowns*. 

the stench of paper being made


Words of Wisom:

I do not really want the wicked to die, says the Lord God.  I want them to stop their bad ways and live.  Ezekiel 18:23

Ezekiel 18:23


Oh it has been so long since I have written…

Hmm, life is good.  I really don’t like the choir at west, it is not very good and the guys are jerks.  In response, I really miss the Kimbelry choir and people .  Despite this dissapointment RSA has still been good though school in general I find overwehlming. I had great fun at Kimberly’s homecoming this week.  I went to drama team pracitice for Extreme Impact and no one esle showed ):   I look forward to the hope I have in Chirst.


Dust in the wind…

Yesterday I stayed home and cleaned, worked on homework, and watched a great movie.  The movie- Zaion: i wish you were here- was about to lovers who have to go through trials.  The chachter devlopment was fair the first time I watched it but after the second time I picked up on a bunch of new things and would say that the chachter devlopment is not to short of exelent.  Today so far I went to church and Perkins with Tailor, Kendra, Deandra, Peter, Ryan, Tyler, and Charissa, ra ra.  I also had a Serventhood Core meeting wich was fine.  Love to all.-

pics from the movie…


Tails of a tattern worn satchel…

I had a great time with my friend Erin from kimberly yesterday.  We went to the Kermis festivle in Little Chute.  There was not much to do there so we soon left.  Erin got a neckalace for homecoming so that was good.  After that we went to the Kimberly football game.  It was good to see some old faces.  I look forward to a year of revival in the community.  Love all.-


I etch my thoughts on clay tablets…

Today was most magnificent.  I had a delightful morning learning about the anceint Mesopataimian civilazations.  I was also gladly to find out that we will be sing the Greek “Kyrie Elieson” for chours.  I must also note that I got the best scene for Acting Shakespear and I am pumped to get my time film underway.

I put the tablet away in the libraries of my mind.


After all this time I finally open my journel.  I scribble a few comments…

Life has been great.  Homework has kept me busy on the weekdays andI look forward to the weekends. Rennisance is absoultly exelent!  I can’t wait to see what the year has in store.

* I close my book