Monthly Archives: November 2004


It is with great hope and expectation, yes with faith that I write.  As it goes now it appears I will be able to stay at RSA, yeah!!!  In other news, youth convention was absoulutely amazing.  God touched and healed me in a way I will never forgett.  Alot of my “haunted legacy” has been healed by God, it was fenominal.  If anyone really wants to connect in a spititual way even if you are not neccisaely intrested in the AG church I highly recommend coming next year.  I also just realized that what keeps me perceivering is faith.  Faith is such a valuble thing to have becasue it can get you through anything.

Words of  Wisdom:

The goal (of nirvana) should be sought reaching which one does not come back; thus thinking: In that very primal spirit I take refuge from which this primal manifestation comes forth.
Bhagavad-Gita 15:04


Anouther season of agony…

Alas, again, i am dollor sighn.  Ulitmently this is how it goes.  I want to stay at rsa but my mom can’t take me.  My dad said he could take me but my mom said that she did not want him to have any part.  This makes no sense and i would rather not waste my time going in detail about it now.  Oh moratality, sweat mortality how much more must i stay in this body of death.  In any case i do find refuge in God.  He has helped and is a large part to why I am still here today, writing.  So were i am oft to i know not, kimberly or rsa the difference is so much.