Monthly Archives: January 2005


Whoa i have alot of make up work.  Well hallehluah anyways.  I can’t wait until semester is over. i am not looking forward for common expierience except for poetry which is tommorow already. And finals are going to be worse.  AP world history is the biggest headache ever, though, i do enjoy it.  not the headache. lul ^_^ goodness

i am going to bed

The goal (of nirvana) should be sought reaching which one does not come back; thus thinking: In that very primal spirit I take refuge from which this primal manifestation comes forth.
Bhagavad-Gita 15:04


Wow is it really almost 2:30.  I have not slept in this late in a long time. Well new years was fun. I came home from michigan and then went to alyysa’s house, good fun.  I have alot of work to do so i think today is an all day work and maybe even an all nighter if i want to get everything done.  Love everyone.