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Well, I am just back from the star wars movie and i am a bit disturbed as i think anyone would.  the movie was sad, and it was not such a saddness that you cry over but rather a saddness that soaks over you.  The movie made me think about a great deal of things though Anakin’s struggle as i call it has always been a paticular interest of me in the story becasue i can relate.  Its like a good book, but that book or charachter is just special to you.  Its more like a book though. anyways, it made think about the concept of sin and what it means to live for God.  If Anakin would have submitted himself to the Jedi’s law, not to engage in Aeros love or act out of lust or of to of the flesh, he would have saved him a lot of grief.  Laws of God are there for a reason, God is soverighn and he knows best.  Sometimes in a live and let live or society were laws change and truth is realitive we loose the purpose laws are put there in the first place.  The greatest evil of human nature is selfishness.  It is from this that flows the desire that we be in control of our lives.  Remmber are lives are not our own, they were bought at a price.  The greatest advesary to sin therefore is selflessness.  This lesson is displayed in the jedi-sith relationship and validted by reason and observation.  Both philosophy and science will lead to this conslusion.  “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve and be the ransonm of many” Mark ?:?  As a Christian I am called to live a life of selflessness are feelings betray us and are emotions cloud us from the truth.Obvoisuly they were created by God to be used in his desingh however oustside of his desighn  they are easy tools for the enemy to manipulate and distract us from God and what he has for us.  I feel like saying Amen so Amen

love all


a thuresday in may

presnted 1960’s decade progect time 45 minutes ish, video did not work 😦

did math hw in study hall

Bio test

analytic geometry

prema voche- finished learning “Oh Sinner Man”

ate food

went to dance contact imrov wich was way fun, really beuatiful body sculptures and stuff

ran through song with Mrs. Ireland for aditons twice, first time doing so

picturing peace

went to auditions

going to star wars movie tonight, so excited. don’t want to do any hw


Wow, a tuesday and i am home sick. yuck. i hate missing school.  my dad is moving out of his house.  school is finally coming to a close and there are show choir auditions today, i found out yesterday, i have nothing prepared and my throght feells like a bitch, excuse my language.  I love the sixties