Monthly Archives: July 2005


Peru entry 4

We met up withthe other half of the team.  IT was akward, there was not formal introductions.  I think we understood though that we were all going to serve the same God and going to do the same things at the same place all for the same purpose.  Alyysa was funny.  Irritating and odd but to lovealble.  SHe is a doll, I wish God’s best for her. 



Peru entry 3

I don’t know how long I was slepping but it was so nice to soak in the sun and feeling the very embrace of the Son.  I am with the Tuttles and she bought me my second breakfast in the hobbit fashion.  We are just moments from the airport, sweet bliss…


second peru entry

I got to church this morning and I was still exahausted.  I am very weary and out of it.  It was bliss and prayer and then thanskgiving.  Blessed be the name of the Lord…


So i have not written in a long time.  i have been away.  i have, though, been writeing in my journle so i am giong ot put all my peru and japan entries in one at a time.  so here we go.

Peru entry 1

I woke up this morning in a tired stagger.  I thought there was an earthquake, what strange dreams…


Wow Peru is awsome, i don’t have time to post about it now but i will later on in the week. And then a wave of depression.  I was just thinking about how dreamy the start or rsa was last year, it was so fun. And now, I am not going to have that again.  It is back to dull stone walls.  I will make the best of it but on the inside i am really sad about it.