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Japan entry 7,

July 16th part 2


simasen= sorry

When we came to Osaka today it seemd like the ciety would never end.  NOw that we are at Takamatsu it is like the outskirts of downtown chigaco.  Or even a little more remote We were ate the wrong place, we were at Takatmatsu the mall,, not the station.  We messed up and had our party wainging an extra 20 minutes.  That was to bad.  They even waited yesterday.  We met Keiko.  She said that Atsuko and her were best friends.  She speaks very good English.


Japan entry 6,

July 16th,

Well here we are at Takamatsu station.  THe wheather is gorgeous, it is pleasing to the skin however it is almost 9:00p.m. so the days will surely be hot and need getting used to.  They have pests, yes bugs even here.  I am weary, somewhat in need of a bathroom and have a slight headache.  But really I am fine.  I rreally whish I had a Dashbored cd right now, i am so in the mood.  The song that goes “so kiss me hard…because this will be the last time that I let you.  So kiss away, kiss away.  YOu will be back someday ii and this akward kiss which screams of others peopls lips, will be of service.”  and earlier “Don’t you see don’t you see, that the sharades are over.” 


“..chirp…chirp”-Zack Lindburg


“I just don’t want to leave you guys here.”  Mrs. Cherrie Lindburg

“It looks like a mall to me”  Sara

“What the Hell” -me


Japan entry 5,

July 15th part 4,

We have finally arived.  I don’tthnk Mrs. Lindenburg slept well.  None of us really did.  Anyways, Kansai airport is really a work of engineering.  It is a completly manmade aiport, island and all.  Hopefully I will be able to take a picute when I leave.  Osaka is not quite waht I expected.  I thought there would be more tall buildings, which there are not.  Anyways it is very industiral, at least along the pacific ocean which is by the way beutiful.  There plants and factoies are rather hidious much like they are all over the world.  An odd sight are these huge green nets which net off something, I am not quite sure.  It is almost the size of a city block, [maybe its godzilla-sic]  Ships.  THe coor schedes are duller, sadder, almost e hoing the stirve for perfection bought by money, a materialism form maybe.  [So I realize how very pessamestic I was drinving on the bus, but its ok I am just glad I don’t live in Osaka later it will be seen that many a beuaties awate.] 


Japan entry 4,

July 15th part 3,

Then later that night the veil was lifted and I saw him, pherhaps how Christ saw him and my heart wen out to him.  We started to hang out more and then wham, he was like my best friend, well, besides Jesus of course.  And it felt good.  It was like I finally had a guy friend.  And I love him, it is phillia love; which is a Greek word that describes the love between two brothers, we went disc gulfing and then tghe bonfire, which was acutally really cool because it was like looking into a window of his past.  I got to meet his childhood friends.  It is like I read part of his story.  It is like how the images were given a story by Tolkien, it was gorgeous.  I love ti.  I love God so much.  He has been so good to me.  Then there was yesterday.  Yesterday was like an eye opener for me because its were the magic happned if you will.  Or more like God moved and used Joe to touch me.  We went splunking at high cliff and we had already been talking a while and then we went toward the park, drove around allin hwich we talked forf over 6 hours more thean that including the eralier parts of the day.  I conncected with a guy like I never had before.   It was soweired but so cool.  I am going to talk about peru anouther time, I can always look back at what I have alrady began to proccess if I really must.  God is good, lets fill this plane with praise.


Japan entry 3

July 15th part 2

Sometimes I want to draw not because it is beutiful but just because it remins me of rennisnce.  I will miss west too, I got Mrs. Cox an obsidion knife that the Inca’s used in their blood letting rituals, but actually i think it is more the Aztecst taht dit taht.  I have so much to write about, to digest.  Its like the shock of leaving has finally start to hit, let alone peru and camp an djoe and bridget and, and maybe even tony.  It just feels so good to write now.  Its like I habe had to pee for two damn months, and now, now i finally let it all out.  I am going to fast forward.  I have to talk about Joe.  Side no: I really need to talk to someone about everything so this is a first coments first talk basis.  Any ways when I thnk aobut Joe a thousand feelings come overwhelmenly, Its such a complicated tihgs its like trying to find the shape of the univers, fatail or eternal, donut or sphere or membreane?  And then ho wmany dimensions and were do they come from and why?  I want to draw that moment.  I met him I belive, back in Febuary or something but i did not see him again until a couple of weeks ago.  I did not think anything of it untl he bcem intereseted in my sister.  I became interseted in him when I saw with eyes unveiled by lustful attractino.  Not that I have it a second thought but the first time i saw him this summer i thought, wow he is hot and then i thought he was flirting with me which was odd becuse i though he was straight, which made the whole idea more exciting, more adventourous.  But then i rebuked it becuase i know God’s rightous standard, and his precepts I adore. 

and then part 3 will come later.


so i am going to move away from talking about life right now and go back to finishing my japan entries.  so here goes # 2

Japan entry 2

July 15th 2005,

We actually left today.  But that is ok because yesterday, seriously, iI whad one of the best days of my life.  Sometimes I think man I am really going to miss Rennisnce.  It makes me cry inside.  I think about drawing class with Mrs. Voight, Nathan and lindsy, Falin, all of them.  I am really going to miss them, I do miss them.  Its only been months yet I know it is going to be hard.  It is painfull like, taking an ice bath in broken glass.  They say the sunburn only lasts so long but these scars, they will remain. They are more like birth marks, they celebrate growth.  Dang, I have so much on my mind now, it still has not hit me that I am going to Japan. Man this is awful.  The reason I mention RSA is because of the drawing of the eyte up there.  I must admit the differance between the first semester of and the second was like night and day.  First semester was like this sureall dream full o fbliss and then act 2 was like the fake drama.  i was almost like act 1 was the perfect 50’s home, yet nothing like its conservatism, but ACt 2 was all the truth, the insecurites of the time; in this case the inscurity and inadqucy felt by the peopl, and the struggle with identiy in a rapily changing modernizing and such.  It was like people came out of the shock out o fthe inadequcy period of the Great depression.  and the shock, shellshcok of total war in WWII. 

so yeah this is a really long entry so I am going to countineue it later.  peace love and joy to everyone, God bless.