Japan entry 6,

July 16th,

Well here we are at Takamatsu station.  THe wheather is gorgeous, it is pleasing to the skin however it is almost 9:00p.m. so the days will surely be hot and need getting used to.  They have pests, yes bugs even here.  I am weary, somewhat in need of a bathroom and have a slight headache.  But really I am fine.  I rreally whish I had a Dashbored cd right now, i am so in the mood.  The song that goes “so kiss me hard…because this will be the last time that I let you.  So kiss away, kiss away.  YOu will be back someday ii and this akward kiss which screams of others peopls lips, will be of service.”  and earlier “Don’t you see don’t you see, that the sharades are over.” 


“..chirp…chirp”-Zack Lindburg


“I just don’t want to leave you guys here.”  Mrs. Cherrie Lindburg

“It looks like a mall to me”  Sara

“What the Hell” -me

About minuiperiannath

Name: Spencer Wentland College: North Central University Year: Senior Major:Intercultural Studies My story of meeting Jesus in short: Not many weeks after I was born my parents baptized me into the Christian faith at First English Lutheran Church in my hometown, Appleton, WI. There they renewed their promises to renounce the devil and his ways, the world and evil and raise me the same way teaching me to love and fear the Lord, the Lord's Prayer, the Ten Commandments, the Creeds and when of reading age to put the Holy Bible in my hands and all the while, with the church community, instruct me in the Christian faith. My parents weren't perfect but they did fulfill the vows they made at my baptism. I had my own more personal experience with the Lord around the age of seven when I followed Jesus out of the Gospels to a "quiet, lonely place" in my backyard with the hope to do whatever Jesus did there. Without realizing it or ever being taught how to "receive Jesus into your heart" it happened quite like that even seeing a mental vision of Jesus and knowing I need to welcome him into my heart and let him sit on the throne of my life. I've never been the same since then and the Lord has kept his promise to be with me "always." I confirmed what my parents chose for me in a public confession of faith and the ritual of believer's baptism at a local swimming school where the Assemblies of God church my mom attends used to do their baptisms. I've never regretted a life with Jesus; life has always been richer, deeper and fuller because of it. About Me: Ha that's a funny question, and a popular one today. Well, if you really want to know "all about me" you will have to meet me. For starters I am hard to put in simple categories and often find myself tumbling between labels; i.e. introverted and extroverted, strong and weak, intuitive yet a rationalist, introspective and social, unique and individual yet needing people and empathetic. I belong to and am part of the Way and that is probably the most defining important part of my being. (Acts 24:14) As a God lover in the Way of Jesus Christ I long to see and embrace all things and people in his love for his glory. Creative people and places energize me. I enjoy and appreciate art and artists and like to contribute and collaborate in making my own art at times. I need my own time and spend a lot of time in contemplation- this is where I get recharged and new vision and vitality for life. A con of my personality is my ill attempts to understand everything about everything. At the same time I also get energy from others and love to be sociable. I make matrix like connections in my mind and although my comments often are perceived as random too me they are very connected to something. To me connection and harmony are very important and I believe the truth brings that out. The last few years have been filled with learning, studying and meeting wonderful people. Copenhagen, Escanaba, Nagasaki, and now back to Minneapolis! So excited to learn, grow and finish my last year at university! Call: I feel strongly called by the Lord to work and give myself as missionary of love to the Japanese people. As the Lord leads I hope to take a missionary assignment through ELCA Global Mission teaching English and serving in congregational mission and leadership in Japan. Eventually I would like to serve as an apostolic worker planting boiler rooms (missional/monastic communities) around the Japanese archipelago with a bunch of other Jesus lovers in international, incarnational bands of friends. About this blog: This blog is for my Church Administration and Personal Finance class. I'm looking forward to interesting and practical conversation and learning that will help develop my leadership and organizational skills for however and whatever takes shape out of the Lord's call.

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  1. haha, thank you for the fair warning…i do believe that a certain amount of evil can be associated with certain mediums, such as ouija boards or seances that involve negative energies or spirits. but, spencer, animals serve a purpose in this world, too, and most of them go ignored by humans. animal totems are completely harmless; animals are simply a part of nature that should not be ignored, like any other part of it [ie. the trees, land, etc.]this also goes into how you perceive what you call “God”. i believe in God as a higher life force present in all objects. God is “all that is” because he/she created it all. God is genderless. God is energy. we human beings are energy, and everything else in the physical world manifests energy. this is not religious psycho-babble, but it can also be scientifically proven. the physical world as we know it is simply one of several realms that we belong in, but the vibration is slowed way down, thus creating “physical reality”. other realms exist beyond this one where the frequency of such is much higher, including spirit guides, spirits, ghosts [though not as high], and the human soul. just read about quantom physics.if you believe that you are at all more than this world has to offer and feel limited by your human form, your soul is speaking. how you find this, in your religion, is fine! however, i don’t have a religion and i find myself comforted by my spirituality and i’m ready to discard any information that does not pertain to me. this is why i cannot adopt religion: one set of standards does not abide by me. i’m not trying to attack chrisitanity or any other type of religion, but i’m sure there are parts of yours that you don’t agree with. religion, to me, means “limited”. spirituality is free to flow wherever God takes it.if i’ve been offensive, i didn’t mean to be. i’m simply explaining my belief system, and if i’m ever to be proven wrong in any aspect of it, i’ll change. we’ll still talk!

  2. hey 🙂
    yes we are still going to your church.  that is going to be very fun, my dad just told me july.. or august.  he did say that he promises to get us there as soon as possible.  you can talk to brian about it, too…  very neat.  this has definitely given me something to look forward to.
    i really enjoy reading your entries.  it seems like you’re having a lot of interesting experiences, and i hope you continue to update!  i’m sorry i haven’t been able to be more consistent but my internet went out for like two weeks and it was a mess.  anyways.
    God bless you too.. and.. talk to you soon.

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