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Japan entry 11,

Wensday July 21,

I am in a bus being toed right now, in Japan.  I feel like eating fruitcake, sipping cahi and washing my hands in lemons.  I am lso listenign to “Breakfast at Tiffeney’s.”  I have not written in a while so here is the recap…



    Japan entry 10,

July 17th part 2,

Great day.  Shopping, cool garb.  Mr. Goda’s house.  Excellent conversation with an English sense.  Wonderful festival.  Nice people.  Need to percevere.  I need Christ in everycorner even now when I am weary and tired.  Slepy, devotion then bed time.  Good night God, Amen. I love you.

A time to offer my love to all those reading.


Japan entry 9,

July 17th part 1,

Wow. I still can’t believe I am in Japan and I can’t belive how beutifuul the home is.  It is sourounded by a wall and then a garden.  There is a courtyard in the center, very beutiful.  Once inside there are many rooms.  I am sleeping in the traditional Japanese bedroom with tatami mts sprawled out on the floor and a quite comfortable futon for a bed.  It si just goreous.  THe walls are all sliding doors in this room ecet for part of some.  That is rather the doors are like walls, shoji screens.  The doors inot the room are not shoji, I can not remmber what they are called.  The family is still asleep.  They said they would wake up around 9:00am and expected that I should be up by 11:00am.  I woke up at 6:00am.  It is a holidya today.  I don’t know what to excepct.  Mrs. Otani said we would go to the summer festival tonihgt, there would be a dance contet and fireworks.  She said we would go in traditional garb and will present it to me as a gift.  I am flattered, I know how much clotres can cost.  I pray that God would bless this family and their home…


Japan entry 9,

July 16th part 4,

This is it.  The home of the Otani family is very beuatiful.  It is much larger than I would have thought.  The people have told me that they believe in differnt gods for different places.  They also worship their ancestors.


movies I want to see in this order; The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, Memoirs of the Geisha, Brokeback Mountain, Jarhead, Rent, and Pride and Prejudice.  Onto Japan entries

Japan entry 8

July 16th part 3,

They say more has changed in the last centry tahn in the entire history of mankind.  This is certantly true in Japan.