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Amazingness.  Simply put that the God of the universe cares to know me will forever seize ot amaze me.  What could be more meaninful.  God really touched deep parts of me this weekend.  I did not expect it.  The whole week was about demolishing pretense.  Friday night, demolishing pride.  Saterday morning, demolishing communication barriers with your parents.  Saterday night, demolishing your past.  I don’t think I have prayed harder in my life, it was all a God thing.  Wow.  My past is behind me and God has set himself before me, with me He is taking me to higher places.  My youth pastor describe it once as God’s Law being a map to show the way how to find him.  The only thing is that map was awfully hard for imperfect man to follow.  So God sent his only Son Jeusus Christ into the world, to be Imanuel-God with us- and show us the way.  And so God has once again opened my eyes and in the proccess blown me away. Sunday morning was about demoshing expectations that we have about God, the church, Christianity or things that God is doing.  The idea, where we expect healing, we see one raised from the dead.  Jesus performed these miracles on earth and even today.  Although what the raising from the dead is much different then the physical sese of it.  “In reply Jesus declared, “I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again.” John 3:3  Why is this, because if we are not born again, from above, we will never get. For it says also,”For you have been born again, not of perishable seed, but of imperishable, through the living and enduring word of God.” 1 Peter 1:23  How can perishable eyes see what what God means by the Kingdom that is imperishalbe or hear his voice, which will have no end.  A new creation, rebirth, is neccesary.  And for this to come to pass one first must die; “because anyone who has died has been freed from sin. Now if we died with Christ, we believe that we will also live with him. For we know that since Christ was raised from the dead, he cannot die again; death no longer has mastery over him.” -Romans 6:7-9 And so “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!” 2 Corinthians 5:17 It is the immense reality of this that also captivates my awe of God.  It is this truth that has set me free.  Jesus came to die, why so that we might have life.  Because it didn’t end at the cross He rose from the dead in the tomb.  Jesus Christ the victor over death has given us the life.  As the song goes “My Lord has conquered the grave, His blood has covered my sin, I believe, I believe.  Yes my Redeemer lives, my Redeemer lives…”  I would invite all who desire for life to seek this Jesus.


So much for not staying pure.  Today I prayed with Bob and we both recommitted.  Depending on God’s grace and tusting in His Spirit, deliverance will come.  Let us pray, “forgive us our trespess as we forgive those who trespess against us.”  Thank you Lord that you are merciful, that your grace is sufficient.  I also want to thank you for an awsome weekend being my hope that I recommit to. Amen.

It was so amazing to see God work in peoples lives including my own.  “More then the desert needs the rain,

More then the fire needs the flame,

I need your touch again.”


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“Neither Creationisim or Natrualisim are science. Creationisim assumes the Bible is right, thats ok to believe but that is not science. Natrualisim assumes that everything occurs natrually, useually by evolution. Natrualisim is also not science. Science does not have a desired result it must be complelty objective”  Just becuase something is natural does not mean it was not supernatural in origin, to rule out this is not science to make it science is not entirely science either.  It is something science, i think, just wont be able to answer.  This is were neo-creationisim is right now, i think.  I consider my self of this group, maybe.  I don’t believe Intelligent Desighn should be taught in schools, at least not yet.

 Japan entry 22, The Kyoto Expieriance, July 27th 2005

For some reason writing and trains seem to go together lke bread and butter.  And I have been lonely.  I notice that when I am lonely I feel really wanting of anouther guys affection.  And Kyto is full of hot guys.  Oh God, save me from this body of death.  I don’t want them.  I want them to want me, to hold me, and then some.  Or at least, that is what my flesh will tell you.  My soul however longs for God and taking control of my flesh calls His name.  But my flesh fights it.  I must tame it.  I must not try to be its master, I must let God be its master, He is my master, what relief.  That I don’t have to rebell, that I can live in peace, with God, in Christ.  That He has set me free.  By the way…

  Peace to all.


I think I need to make an apology. In the recent past I have seen xanga to much of the trafficking of ideas and not enough of the personalites and people behind them.  This has led me to attack the arguments of people in a, frankly, arogant way.  This is my fault, I have strayed from the values that I built over the last year or so.  I am sorry if what I have put on other peoples xanga’s seemed offensive, it was not ment to be.  I just seperated people from idea and assuemd everyone else was either a amature philosopher, theologian or somewere between or on the othersides.  My desire is to make peace a reality in this world that can be so hostile and harsh. The amazing thing is that it occured in all less then the last month. To all who identify please forgive me, I am sorry and I do mean it.


Japan entry 21, July 26th part two:

The second dream which was the night before the last.  It odly enough was about my brotheres old friend K-.  I think the dream was a dream from God followed by a vision on which god has opened my eyes to his spiritual condition, [that is the persons.]  First there was a text in my Bible that was from the medevil era in England.  It spoke of a prince murdered by a man possesed by deomons.  Flahs forward to a few years in the past i was shoing the story to my brother and K-Soon I woke up to a vision o fthe spiritual condition of K-, I went straight to the Br- house and, escorted by his brother N-.  THere were many a peopl driven like slaves fromt eh treachory of there drug habbit.  I would not let N- take one whift.  In to debouchery I found K-, at the pit he was one like of the enmy.  It was a deomn within him, like the one in the stgory.  Using K-‘s body to warp the minds of many.


This was a crazy dream/vision.  I still do believe it was from God.  Maybe it was a warning, I felt like I was supposed to do something about it but I never did.  Maybe there is still time. Maybe it was just a dream.  But then what about the vision, I was not sleeping when that happned.  It seems like I have been idle to this.  I completly forgot about it until I found it in my journle.  This is inane, I am sure to some of you?


Moving on to a new idea to disscuss I offer “The Prime Mover”

Our Present position, then, is this: We have argued that there always was motion and always will be motion throughout all time, and we have explained what is the first principle of this eternal motion: we have explained further which is the primary motion and which is the only motion that can be eternal: and we have pronounced the first movement [or “Prime Mover”] to be unmoved.  -Aristotle, Physics, Book VIII, chapter 9

What Aristotle is ultimently saying is that every change or motion traces back to one uncaused, cause or one unmoved, Mover.  An illustration: I am writing this article because I want to get people thinking, including myself?  This in turn is caused by my annoynace of apathy in our generation, not saying that this is unique to our generation.  This is caused becasue of the reality of the apathy in parts of our generation.  This is because…   “This final cause, this perfection, is one and the same with the Prime Mover, whose perfection is expressed by the fact that it neither changes nor moves…Aristotle also had a metaphyscial view of the PM: Being perfect, it must be the same as “thought” (philosophy).  Finally, Aristotle took the PM theologically.  As the source of animation, the PM must itself be animate; as thought, it must constantly think.  If it thought about the shifting, imperfect things of this world, its thoughts, following their objects, would also be chanble and imperfect.  But as the PM is perfetion itslef, this is impossible.  Therefor the PM is thought that thinks about itslef, perfection that considers its own perfection.  What else could this be but God?”- Michael Macrone

     Did the existance of God just become proven logically useing pagon philosophy?  Though the rythem is convincing, such that it for time convinced St. Thomas Aquanis as proof of God, it relies on assumption.  The most resaonable of reason and logic usually end in God but still relies on assumptions.  The truth is despite Aristotle’s words if you believe in God he must still be taken by faith, at least for now. My expeiances have led me to know God, and that itself is proof for me. But is there a way to prove God, not that I have yet found.  Peace.


P.S. Pro- Life, Pro Choice?  Must reads.,,