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You Are Thai Food

Trendy yet complex.
People seek you out – though they’re not sure why.

Why the Archimedes entries are ending.

 1.) I had to return the book to the library and I don’t have forever to hold it and write on each article

2.) It is not realistic to post on each article

3.) It tends to bring up controversy, controversy is not bad but sometimes people can’t handle it.


The rest of Idaho,

Overall I had a great time visiting family.  Yesterday I got extremely ill and that went over into today.  I almost did not fly home which ment I would not be home until this wensday.  I will not be going to school tomorrow, I still feel awful. 

Peace to all.


Idaho entry 2,

Yesterday I was sick and in bed until the afternoon.  Dinner was excellent.  We went to Sakura’s a Japanese resturant that was actually ran by Japanese people!  We had company with us and they came over afterwards.  Then I watched Zaruthra with my brother, very interesting.  Today we are going up to the mountains.  



Idaiho entry 1,

The plane rides were all sleep. I was waiting in the airport in Green Bay this morning and tried to imagine Idaiho. I didn’t know how, after all what more then a potato comes to mind when you think Idaiho?  Now that I am here it is much more like a highland desert suspended in mountains.  It is a nice place.  Tonight we ate dinner at a excellent fish resturant.  I had hazlenut sole-a kind of fish- and it was succulent.  I was so full of joy at the  table I almost cried.  I have not cried tears of joy, except for in worship, in such a long time.  Though they did not show on my face, they were pouring in my mind.  God has been so good to me.  Peace to all.