Monthly Archives: May 2007

Graduation Mayham


This weekend our family celebrated the graduations of my cousin’s Mellissa and Lucus.  More are to come.  I should also mention that Holly and Alisha, also cousins, have graduated from college.  I had a grand time.  I got ot meet Alisha’s boyfriend, and many of her friends who were pretty cool.  i also got to chill with my fabulous cous- the Chel’seh  and her bf.  good times.  today is memorial day and my mum’s birthday and we came back from michigan to home.  i finished reading Tuesday’s with Maurrie, which made me shed a tear.  its a must read.  well, that was cubumbled. 

anyways, i am heading off to bed.

so g’night and peace,


Drinking Jazz with ogers and Eygptions


     This morning my friend Angela attacked me with greeting in the hallway.  She spoke a million words a minute on how she needed to get to Walgreens so she can get a photo for her visa in Canada and if I could take her during fifth hour.  Since fifth hour is my lunch hour we decided to meet in the foyer, eat lunch and head over to Walgreens. 

     It was at Walgreens that I purchesed sexy Jazz carmel pepsi and and ogre sized peunut m&m’s.  Since we were late for our next class I had to call the Rennisance office and exlpain our short quest. I dumped Angela off at the dance studio, she had a dance class, and then rush back to school to play off an Eygption princess so I could get the Egyption slave girl in a scene from Aida for Acting II.  The last sentance plays on the rush of the moment.  Anways, I am finally at home now and can cool off.  Tonight my mom and I are preparing for my graudation party with house cleaning and sending out long delayed party invitations.  I just realized I forgot to pick up a needed video camera for a progect, I think this is the sevneth or eighth time I forgot.  Well, whatever.  My last choir concert is tommorow. 

until next time…



Fine Arts


Fine Arts Festival is this weekend.  I am a little nervous but exceited also.  My prayer is that the song and sermon that I perform and give will bless and lift up others to the glory of God.  If anyone prays please pray that everything would be done for God’s glory and be rightfuly effective and well done according to his will.  God is amazing.  He has been showing me amazing things in my life about his love and mercy.  He has shown me how real he is and how much he wants to be part of every step, heartbeat and thought and how if I want to live a holy life I need to by insync with him and the other way around. 

God is awesome, Praise his name forever. 

Grace and peace,