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making sense of no sense…


We don’t always understand the evil we see in the world.  The pain, the wars the sorrows the trials that breakdown, ware away and work against the good things in this world.  Sometimes are calling isn’t always to understand but to love.  In the midst of this dark chaos there is a light, one light that shines in many.  Light expels the darkness and when we turn our gaze from the murky mess around us and look up at the glorious face of Christ we are healed, comforted, victorious, lifted up and energized.  As Christ filled people we must learn to see and walk with Christ in the midst of the storms, trials and chaos to call into it peace, joy, vicotry and order.  It is in Christ that the hope of the world lies in. 

Praise be his name,
forever and ever,

evening moments


in the upper peninsula i gaze at cassiopia.  in the company of friends a sing in my soul and turn to scorpio.  the stars and the night stretch down to the lake which goes on and on. an eternal image, i wonder in amazement.  God is so good.  he is goodness is in the starts and it is in my compaions.  midnight morning coversation and mocha latte on rocks. 

grace and peace,



We finally had our graduation on Friday.  We were supposed to have it Thuresday night but due to proposed severly sever weather, it didn’t even rain, it was postponed.  It was better to be safe then sorry.  So I headed up to green bay with long time friend Nome and vistited with my dad + family and my grandma at the tundra lodge.  They flew in from Idahio for my graduation.  I had my party, went to Marsha’s party and gabbed over warm light and cake with her great, in more way then one, aunt who had much to say about the greatness and providence of God.  It is so encouraging to hear.  The movie “The Fountain” is interseting.  I went to michgan again and celebrated my graduation again with my dad’s side of the famly as well as visted relatives from that time.  i got hired ^_^!  i start tomorrow.  sorry this was such a busy and pointed entry but i had a lot going on. 



peace and God bless,


Rennisance Graduation


Rennisance had their graduation unofficial ceromony today.  It was great and sad.  I had the most bitter sweet moment today, from my knows down I was smiling and laughing but grom my nose up i was crying like a baby.  well, Rennisance is officially over for 2007.  i have one week left at west (finales) and my official graduation ceramony is coming up.