sexual harrasment.


well, last night i was sexually harassed at work.  i don’t want to make a big deal out of a little thing but at the same time I think it is important to share for awareness reasons.  As I was walking out of the store (getting carts, near closing) two gentlemen asked me if the store was still open.  I said that the store closed at ten thirty-three and therefore we were open, briefly.  Then one of them asked out loud (although not necessarily to me) if I was gay.  I just kind of shrugged it off and got carts.  I had a feeling that this was demoniacally motivated because it played right into the struggles I was having those very moments and throughout the last week or so which consisted of whether or not people perceive me as gay or effeminate not and in all honesty what it would be like if I went to going back to living a gay lifestyle (maybe a “gay Christian).  Not that I was really thinking about doing this but a lot of doubts have been plaguing my mind and i just was thinking about as to “what would it be like.”  I was also thinking of this because I have met a couple people who are gay and “Christian” and don’t see a problem with it at all.  It was in the midst of all of these struggles that the incident with the two men occurred.  After I brought in the full number of carts I went to the bathroom and headed back to my registrar.  By this time these two men were bagging their groceries so I helped them.  It become more clear that they (or at least one of them) was intoxicated.  (this all supports my brought open by demonic influence theory since drugs act as venues to aid demonic activity).  One of them was trying to apologize for his friend and his friend was like “what, you were the one who asked him if he was gay.” and then the other guy was like “you were the one checking out his butt.”  as they left the apologetic man said sorry and said that that was his a drunk neighbor that he didn’t really know.  i didn’t know how to respond in the appropriate worker-customer context so i didn’t.  i just sat their pissed off.  now that i have that vented i feel somewhat better.  i am going to say something about it today to my manger because i don’t think it is real clear what to do in that type of situation.  I know one girl who was sexually harassed at work too and she didn’t really know what to do.  i went into protective mode and got a supervisor but when i was in the situation i didn’t know how to respond and nobody else seemed to notice.  (probably good to save me the embarrassment).  if we were instructed in what to do, maybe given a 1,2,3, then it wouldn’t have been such an issue. 

well anyways, 

if you sifted through the ramble i honor your patience,


About minuiperiannath

Name: Spencer Wentland College: North Central University Year: Senior Major:Intercultural Studies My story of meeting Jesus in short: Not many weeks after I was born my parents baptized me into the Christian faith at First English Lutheran Church in my hometown, Appleton, WI. There they renewed their promises to renounce the devil and his ways, the world and evil and raise me the same way teaching me to love and fear the Lord, the Lord's Prayer, the Ten Commandments, the Creeds and when of reading age to put the Holy Bible in my hands and all the while, with the church community, instruct me in the Christian faith. My parents weren't perfect but they did fulfill the vows they made at my baptism. I had my own more personal experience with the Lord around the age of seven when I followed Jesus out of the Gospels to a "quiet, lonely place" in my backyard with the hope to do whatever Jesus did there. Without realizing it or ever being taught how to "receive Jesus into your heart" it happened quite like that even seeing a mental vision of Jesus and knowing I need to welcome him into my heart and let him sit on the throne of my life. I've never been the same since then and the Lord has kept his promise to be with me "always." I confirmed what my parents chose for me in a public confession of faith and the ritual of believer's baptism at a local swimming school where the Assemblies of God church my mom attends used to do their baptisms. I've never regretted a life with Jesus; life has always been richer, deeper and fuller because of it. About Me: Ha that's a funny question, and a popular one today. Well, if you really want to know "all about me" you will have to meet me. For starters I am hard to put in simple categories and often find myself tumbling between labels; i.e. introverted and extroverted, strong and weak, intuitive yet a rationalist, introspective and social, unique and individual yet needing people and empathetic. I belong to and am part of the Way and that is probably the most defining important part of my being. (Acts 24:14) As a God lover in the Way of Jesus Christ I long to see and embrace all things and people in his love for his glory. Creative people and places energize me. I enjoy and appreciate art and artists and like to contribute and collaborate in making my own art at times. I need my own time and spend a lot of time in contemplation- this is where I get recharged and new vision and vitality for life. A con of my personality is my ill attempts to understand everything about everything. At the same time I also get energy from others and love to be sociable. I make matrix like connections in my mind and although my comments often are perceived as random too me they are very connected to something. To me connection and harmony are very important and I believe the truth brings that out. The last few years have been filled with learning, studying and meeting wonderful people. Copenhagen, Escanaba, Nagasaki, and now back to Minneapolis! So excited to learn, grow and finish my last year at university! Call: I feel strongly called by the Lord to work and give myself as missionary of love to the Japanese people. As the Lord leads I hope to take a missionary assignment through ELCA Global Mission teaching English and serving in congregational mission and leadership in Japan. Eventually I would like to serve as an apostolic worker planting boiler rooms (missional/monastic communities) around the Japanese archipelago with a bunch of other Jesus lovers in international, incarnational bands of friends. About this blog: This blog is for my Church Administration and Personal Finance class. I'm looking forward to interesting and practical conversation and learning that will help develop my leadership and organizational skills for however and whatever takes shape out of the Lord's call.

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  1. Being a retail manager, I’ll tell you what you should have done in that situation.   When you saw the men bagging their groceries, instead of helping you should have sent a supervisor to help them.   I appreciate your professionalism by attempting to overlook, and be of service to the men who made derogatory remarks, but you put yourself in harms way again.   I would never want one of my employees male or female to put themselves in a situation with such creeps.  
    Gay and Christian….hmmm….How about Christian murderer,  or maybe Christian rapist?   Would you buy it if I called myself a Christian Hindu?    If you wouldn’t why would you buy into gay christian?    I thought Jesus died to free us from our sins; “If the Son shall make you free you shall be free indeed.”  John 8:36  

  2. I’m glad neither of the guys acted any more aggressively, but pretty stupid offensive remarks, probably brought on by the alcohol.  If they show up again anytime, notify a supervisor right away like Lonnie suggested.  I had to deal with a sexual harrassment case at work, with a very offensive remark that my boss said to one of my female employees.  I had to report him to human resources and it got written up, but at least he was remoresful.  Pretty awkward situation for me, but I had to do it.  A good supervisor should know how to handle anything like that at the store with some added authority.

  3. I use to work in retail myself and it isn’t an easy way to work sometimes. There were mexican folk who would come in drunk and harrass me in spanish. Since my Aunt is spanish I was able to understand what they said. Other times it was just rude drunk people or others that were high. I agree with Lonnie on that you should have just sent a supervisor over to help the men. And on the topic of Gay and Chirstian, I would keep praying about it. The enemy is trying to bring you down into thinking it is ok when the bible clearly states that it is not. I’ll be praying for you throughout the weekend and into the next week. I hope you heed the advice given today. It will surely help you. I’ll pray your week is a little better for you.
    In God We So Safetly And Completely Trust,Megan

  4. Well that’s not really bigoted at all.  You see you have to look at the passages in Romans, 1 Corinthians and Timothy that deal with homosexuality.   Homosexuality is never listed alone as a sin.   What so called gay christians have done is to take homosexual practice out of context, to say that the Bible doesn’t condemn homosexual practice.   But all around homosexual practice are things like greed, murder, hatred, violence, adultery, lying, extortion and etc..   So if homosexuality isn’t wrong then perhaps the other sins of greed, murder, hatred, violence, adultery, lying and extortion aren’t sinful either.    Since homosexuality is always listed with other sins then if you make homosexual practice acceptable then you’ll also have to make the other sins it’s listed with acceptable as well.   If you make the Bible say homosexuality is acceptable then you’re gonna have to make it say murder is acceptable.   Are you getting my drift?    
    I left homosexual practice almost 18 years ago.   Months later when I became a Christian the first think I did was carefully study the Bible to find out what it really says about homosexuality.  I did word for word studies in the Greek and Hebrew.   What gay religious people say about the Bible isn’t true.   The Bible does absolutely condemn all form of sexual immorality, including homosexual practice. 

  5. Wow! Excellent discernment on what was going on. I appreciate your candor and your view point. Be mad at our enemy and yes tell the boss so that they can help protect you and others.
    You mentioned thoughts that you were dealing with, I appreciate you laying that out there. In my own struggle to understand my sexuality, my identity and what has happened to me from being abused and violated I was torn apart. What I can say is that to some degree homosexuality is often looked at as a physical issue but one that I believe stems from deeper spiritual conflicts. I mean spiritual in our spiritual being. As God has healed more of my heart and my mind, as His presence is stronger in my life each day, I find all forms of temptation becoming weaker and passing away. Not because I have this great reformation going on inside of me but because I want more of His presence in me. It brings peace and love where I didnt have that before. When  I entertain lust or really any kind of sin, it diminishes that presence. I faced times early on where I felt temptations to go down paths that I knew were not what God would want but I felt such strong desires or yearnings in my flesh. Was it spiritual warfare? I believe so. Was it my damaged self. Yes, I believe it was. I had to make choices despite feeligns and temptations that i felt to even have affairs or to stray. I can say that those things inside have been getting healed and set free over the last 3 years plus. I appreicate that others would be so open and honest as to admit their humanity as well. It is very encouraging.

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