Sometimes despair takes us to tears before we can find hope in the breath of God.

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Name: Spencer Wentland College: North Central University Year: Senior Major:Intercultural Studies My story of meeting Jesus in short: Not many weeks after I was born my parents baptized me into the Christian faith at First English Lutheran Church in my hometown, Appleton, WI. There they renewed their promises to renounce the devil and his ways, the world and evil and raise me the same way teaching me to love and fear the Lord, the Lord's Prayer, the Ten Commandments, the Creeds and when of reading age to put the Holy Bible in my hands and all the while, with the church community, instruct me in the Christian faith. My parents weren't perfect but they did fulfill the vows they made at my baptism. I had my own more personal experience with the Lord around the age of seven when I followed Jesus out of the Gospels to a "quiet, lonely place" in my backyard with the hope to do whatever Jesus did there. Without realizing it or ever being taught how to "receive Jesus into your heart" it happened quite like that even seeing a mental vision of Jesus and knowing I need to welcome him into my heart and let him sit on the throne of my life. I've never been the same since then and the Lord has kept his promise to be with me "always." I confirmed what my parents chose for me in a public confession of faith and the ritual of believer's baptism at a local swimming school where the Assemblies of God church my mom attends used to do their baptisms. I've never regretted a life with Jesus; life has always been richer, deeper and fuller because of it. About Me: Ha that's a funny question, and a popular one today. Well, if you really want to know "all about me" you will have to meet me. For starters I am hard to put in simple categories and often find myself tumbling between labels; i.e. introverted and extroverted, strong and weak, intuitive yet a rationalist, introspective and social, unique and individual yet needing people and empathetic. I belong to and am part of the Way and that is probably the most defining important part of my being. (Acts 24:14) As a God lover in the Way of Jesus Christ I long to see and embrace all things and people in his love for his glory. Creative people and places energize me. I enjoy and appreciate art and artists and like to contribute and collaborate in making my own art at times. I need my own time and spend a lot of time in contemplation- this is where I get recharged and new vision and vitality for life. A con of my personality is my ill attempts to understand everything about everything. At the same time I also get energy from others and love to be sociable. I make matrix like connections in my mind and although my comments often are perceived as random too me they are very connected to something. To me connection and harmony are very important and I believe the truth brings that out. The last few years have been filled with learning, studying and meeting wonderful people. Copenhagen, Escanaba, Nagasaki, and now back to Minneapolis! So excited to learn, grow and finish my last year at university! Call: I feel strongly called by the Lord to work and give myself as missionary of love to the Japanese people. As the Lord leads I hope to take a missionary assignment through ELCA Global Mission teaching English and serving in congregational mission and leadership in Japan. Eventually I would like to serve as an apostolic worker planting boiler rooms (missional/monastic communities) around the Japanese archipelago with a bunch of other Jesus lovers in international, incarnational bands of friends. About this blog: This blog is for my Church Administration and Personal Finance class. I'm looking forward to interesting and practical conversation and learning that will help develop my leadership and organizational skills for however and whatever takes shape out of the Lord's call.

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  1. Also I want to address something you say in your second comment.  I think it’s important enough to warrant a second comment.
    You say:  if we are serious about loving sinners, including people who identify as homosexuals, we need to stop using bigoted language that further isolates them and makes them better.  in short, we need to preach the Gospel not the Law.
    I agree with you, but my comment wasn’t to a gay person, but rather a Christian.   Had I been making a comment to a gay person I would not have spoken the same way.   Gay people do not have the Holy Spirit and are incapable of keeping the law.  You as a Christian have the Holy Spirit, and are enabled by the Spirit to keep the righteous laws of God.   There is a difference when speaking to Christians and when speaking to “lost” people.   There is a place for law in our lives.   For us the law is like a fence God has loving placed around His sheep to protect us from destruction.    For the world outside the law is indeed death dealing.   The gospel offers hope, and that is indeed what we need to be teaching.    But you as a Christian need to take the law to heart.   The Bible does condemn homosexual practice, and therefore Christian and gay do not go together.   Do not be deceived Spencer.  God loves every gay person, but He is not accepting of that lifestyle.   God is love and if He tells us something isn’t love then we have to believe He knows what He’s talking about.    And again I’m writing to a  Christian not a gay person

  2. It’s alright Spencer, I fully understand your struggle, and I’m for you not against you.   As far needing to know more about Greek and Hebrew, well you can do your own word study now.   Get a Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, With Greek and Hebrew in the back.   That’s how I did my study.  It is time consuming, but it is so worth it.   Also I cannot suggest strongly enough that you read 2 books by Joe Dallas, A Strong Delusion, and The Gay Gospel?   Both books show clearly and with excellent scholarship how the Bible is being twisted and made to appear to authorize homosexual practice.    
    My young friend you serve neither yourself, nor those caught in the lie of homosexuality by remaining ignorant in these matters.   Educate yourself that you may be served and that you may serve the Cause of Christ.   I’m sorry if I’m coming off as preachy or lecturish.   But the continued ignorance of strugglers boils my gourd.

  3. Spencer,Never, never, never, feel as if your asking for too much prayer. There isn’t such a thing. Yes, I will most definately be praying for you and your trip. I hope all goes well. We all have a time in our lives when our struggles are the most difficult. Since my husband has been gone since April and the last time I saw him was in June for like 2 or 3 days, I’ve struggled a lot with several different things. I unlike you, never asked anyone for a lot of prayer. I wish I had. Keep me posted on how your trip goes.I’m leaving for Georgia on Friday to see my husband. I’ve never flown into Atlanta by myself and I’ve never been on a cab ride and so late at night nontheless. Pray that I would be safe through this transition. I get off at Atlanta and change flights to Augusta, GA. From there I have to get a cab ride to my hotel. It will be about 11:ish at night when I get off the plane. Pray that the Taxi driver drives safe and isn’t a wierdo.
    Praying for you Spence, Hang in there. When two or more are gathered together in His name He will be there most assuredly.M

  4. RYC:   Actually you’d be pretty safe with Strong’s.   It’s straight forward, so there is no real need to rely on a commentary.   You may look at commentaries if you like, and both books I suggested by Joe Dallas are right on the money.
    And I meant no rudeness at all.   Ignorance is only shameful if you continue to remain ignorant.   I’ll only become rude about ignorance if you remain ignorant about your SSA.   We have to keep moving forward away from the lies of homosexuality.    This struggle of yours isn’t just about you young man.   It’s also about others who struggle, and us setting a good example for those who follow us.  
    I’m not being antagonistic or belittling toward you in the least, so you can quit reading into my comments.   I am direct, but I don’t talk down to people.   I have a great deal more years of knowledge and experience than anyone in any of the blogrings, and I know how lonely and difficult this walk is.   I don’t mince words, and I don’t believe homosexuality is something to be taken lightly.   There are too many people who need help and there are too many people who call themselves strugglers who have decided they can play around with sin.   I am deadly, lethally serious about homosexuality, how the Church has horribly  dropped the ball with strugglers, and that those who struggle need to get deadly serious about the struggle.   So yeah, I come off confrontational, and as one person has put it “lecturish”.   But if I thought you and others didn’t want to really get through this I wouldn’t waste my time and wealth of knowledge.   I don’t like wasting pearls on people who want to behave like swine.   So if I stop challenging you, confronting you, and lecturing you, then I’ve written you off.   Until that time you have my utmost respect, affection, and support.
    God Bless You Richly,

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