Monthly Archives: September 2007

Kulhuse, Denmark


Monday Septembr the third in the two thousand and seventh year of our Lord.


A thousand words could not fit on these pages and still I could not explain all the good times I have ha in Denmar the last three days.  If you think of those summer times, those random gatherings of people-in-friendship from midnight-to-morning campfires and jovial hosue gatherings at dusk, you can feel (just kind of) how it has been the  first three days here.  I know that there is so much more, so much that will be in this year but no matter how hard, how long, how deep the stretch, that stretch is still good.  I am in the company of good people in the hands of an eternally more good God.  May this fellowship of twentyish always magnify His goodness and His greatness.  Together through eachother may we see more cleary the God who imaged each of us in his likeness.   May we grow, learn, laugh and love as we move to the rythems of grace in the gooness of His Spirit.  Amen. 



Leaving was stressful, not easy but (of course) neccesary.  Its never easy to leave home, leave your family but everyone goes through it.  There was also a lot of stress with packing.  But I am here now and safe. 


Thank you to everyone who prayed for saftey!


Peace and God bless,