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Back in September- Night games


Yeah, we were playing night games.  We had to get through a wooded, and muddy, almost swampy, park without getting caught by the second years.  Naturally, we all got caught.  On our way there the first bus wouldn’t pick us up because we did look pretty suscipicious all in black with face makeup on and all.

good  times.

His peace,

I decided I should also make notice to the people beside me.  That there is Daniel on my right, pictured left, from Boston (fellwo first year) and Amanda on  my left, pictured right, (2nd year) from Ohio. 

Plastic wrapped joy


I got a package in the mail yesterday.  It was particularly exciting because I have not gotten any packages, or any mail for that matter, since I have come to live this year in Denmark.  Also, I was expecting a package from my mum but it ended up being from my grandma Mary Anne.  It was swirled in with a bit of Christmas joy.  Opening the package I found chocolate and pajamas.  Nice pajamas by the way.  The chocolate was also wrapped in bubble wrap which was a plus, not only do I like bubble wrap but I realized how much detail, time and love came with everything in that package from my grandma.  It was truely I blessing.  And I got a cookie which I ate right away.  I still have to call her and thank her.  There were other helpful and things in the package like a American express gift card and postage stamps which I am not sure I will be  able to use here but still say I care for you from my grandma. 

     I have to call her tonight, and some other people too.  I think this has taught me the importance of remembering people and making an initiative to show that you remember, love and think about that person.  Its true charity and it when we do it in the power of the Holy Spirit according to the grace given us it makes us more like Jesus because Jesus never failed to extend his  love  and charity to those who didn’t  realize God loved them. 

     God never forgets about anyone or anything, he is always aware of everything, everywhere, every-time.  Right now he knows he is with me typing this, loving me like he always has.  Have you ever had those times where you just felt or realized God’s  love for you in such a real way it overwhelmed you.  A time  maybe at the altar or in the quietness of your own room.  Maybe you were crying, maybe shouting for joy, maybe trembling in silent reverence and awe, maybe  a smile overcame you from the center of your being  because inside your soul was shouting “He loves me!” and your spirit was dancing.  Right now, He  still loves you that much.  Maybe that will make you jump out of your  seat and praise Him or maybe it will remind you to say again in the depth of your inner  been “I love you too.” 

You are dearly loved always even if we don’t realize it.  In Christmas we have a reminder  in a special way that at the center of history God loved  us that he sent His  son into the world to experience humanity, to show us he loves  us through it all; always, everywhere, every part of our experience, every-time.  If we  look at the contents of this gift, this wonderful awesome Son of Man and remind ourselves to follow his example we might  realize that there  is love even in plastic wrap and  we should be careful to show such detailed affection to our neighbors. 

Any ideas?

Peace and love,


Walk in the Park


This is a short video clip from a walk I went on with some brothers and
sisters from the masters.  We got and old bag of baked goods from a
bakery and fed them to ducks, geese and swans as well as other birds
who fought like crazy to get the next best piece of bread.  Then we
went to the park and hung from trees like monkeys and re-encated a
scene from the Fellowship of the Ring.  Sorry for the blury picutre.  

Enjoy ^_^ !