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Last post and reflections on CIMC


Well, I made this blog to chronicle my time in Denmark at Copenhagen International Masters Commission so I think I am going to bring this to a close.  I will continue to write on my older blog, Periannath ( 

Last thoughts on CIMC:
Well, I am a few weeks out now and am noticing how much I miss the people, the streets, the kebab lol.  Masters was good for me although I am still glad it is over.  It was a long time to be away from home.  As I have previously written the greatest thing I have gained is an increased and strong trust in God.  Also, great friends and knowledge tools to propel me in continuing my education both in the studies of theology and intercultural studies.  I may write more on this latter when I am in a more introspective mood. I also may usu this blog as a travel blog in the future.  Otherweise this will be my last post for a while and if you want to keep in touch via xanga subscribe to the blog above.
Grace and peace