Monthly Archives: February 2009

looking forward to the horizon line.


disturbing tides of emotions keep pulling me
in and out
like  a man caught between the rip currents
in an ocean
murky darkness surrounds me
deep darkness covers my eyes
as I look
trying to make sense of all of this around me
his hands, I want to hold
there is a gravity that pulls me into him
yet I cannot move
my soul is chasing the wind
and all thoughts seem futile
my face is downcast
oh soul within me
why is are you so downcast
why wont you trust God
why wont you put your hope in him. 
is there no escape to this madness.
i look up, the word of hope beckoning me.
“Spencer, I love you.
I believe in you. 
Trust me and come home to my arms. 
There is an end to this madness
and here am I waiting to hold you,
to take you in.
You can do this.
Follow me.”
I sit reflecting
the words breaking into my mind
through all the agony and noise
the thick chaos is cut.
blistering confusion cannot consume me.
when I am in the fortress of my God. 
His word is a wall to defend against the thousands
against the thousands of marinating voices taunting me
lies and attacks ooze like green drool from their twisted mouths
but I am safe. 
and I see morning’s light beyond the edge of horizon.
with faith I see the new day
and believe the new man I am
in him forever. my joy and my salvation. 
I have found myself in God and him alone.
He alone is my rock and my refuge.
No other name can save
No other voice can claim to have created me
But his voice calls to me, and beckons me onward
in hope
in triumph
in faith
in victory
in love
through the cross.