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Unexpected visitors


Long and tired are the days of late.  But I am renewed day by day.  Every moment his love comes crashing in, to this vacant heart, it is a new dawn.  And this the dawn of that day approaching.  Every valley raised every mountain lowed.  And all things will be made right at last.  Let us not give up hope.  Jesus is coming as surely as he comes to dine in the heart of him who opens the door.  But that I may gain in his love the freedom he bought, and not become ignorant again, that the chains that bound have been broken at last.  


Tonight I am thankful for unexpected visitors.  


Prayer of the Day~ Feast of Mark the Evangelist
Almighty God, you have enriched your church with Mark’s proclamation of the gospel. Give us grace to believe firmly in the good news of salvation and to walk daily in accord with it, through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.
Gospel Acclamation
Alleluia. This Jesus | God raised up;
and of that all of | us are witnesses. Alleluia. (Acts 2:32)

(ELW, 2006)



you’ve been carrying them around with you so long you don’t remember their weight.  

you carry them around in a large glass jug and as you walk they make noises.  

every once in a while you pick one up and look closely.  

every time you cut yourself on the sharp razor of memory

and every time the poisen oozes slowly into your system.  

People, faces, times, places swirl through your mind in a blitz

and your heart races, paces, beats and jumps

every once in while that face.  

and your heart always bursts.  

more pieces fly out and scatter themselves about your feet.  

you can collect some but you never seem to quite get them all

and you can never put them back together. 

who will break this jar and gather all of the pieces

and hold them together until they are healed

until I am whole

who has this power?  

surely no man, no woman, no thing of this earth.  

but I keep searching for treasure a midst the dirt.  

but if I find gold should I worship it?  

but all the other gods are not gods at all.  

they cannot hear and they cannot see.  

and the blind lead the blind.

both ending in disaster.  

should i follow that way that seems right to me?

but it leads to death.  

it beats so out of tune, so awkward.    

but who will love this heart until its healed and whole?  

who will hold all the pieces together and set it dancing to the right rhythm, singing to the hallowed harmony?  


“Rule this heart of mine, O my God, that it be only Yours.”