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Provision for Greenland


In the fifth grade I was in an “experimental” math class. I don’t remember much about it other then I got to go to another classroom to be taught by Miss Racine. She was younger and had less patience for me then my own teacher. I remember that she didn’t wear bras because my classmate Jessie pointed it out and thought it was quite the sight. I never noticed things like that I guess and I didn’t understand him at all. We were ten years old.

The one assignment I remember is how we would spend a million dollars on a vacation if we could go anywhere we wanted. I insisted to my partner that we go to Greenland because I had always wanted to. In reality I had only recently decided that I wanted to go there because it was the Northern most territory in the world and I wanted to go to every country and territory in the order from North to South.

If I were given a million dollars through some grace today I would still travel. I am not sure if I would go to Greenland though. I have no ambition to visit every country and territory.

When you run out of money you feel it deep in your gut. Its a little more deep than oh shit, it comes out more like what am I going to do? And I pray. A million dollars feels a lot like I wouldn’t have to feel that. Of course I would tithe on it, and then pay my debts, and then probably pay my family’s debts and set up retirement for my parents. Then I would pray about what to do with the rest of it. I would probably pray about each of the prior things to. The economy of money I live in has mostly always been within the economy of prayer. But when I have more I splurge on myself and others. I don’t always pray. Maybe that’s why I don’t have a million dollars. I should always pray. Its not my money. But let’s just say the first 20% is accounted for in tithing and collective debts.

That still leaves $800,000. I know I would probably invest most of it and save the rest. I would save and invest so it can continue to give to me, to missionaries I want to support, to children I want to sponsor, to scholarship students, maybe create an endowment for scholarship. I can’t think of many things I would want to buy. It would be better if I just saved and invested and prayed and pretended if that money was never there at my disposal.

I have everything I need. So I don’t need a million dollars, but if I ever do my Father’s got it. My Father has everything. So when I feel the what am I going to dos? in my gut, its important to pause, to ask with trust, and to relinquish the present poverty so that I can be clothed with the richness of whatever provision is had. That’s far better than going to Greenland or having a million bucks.