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A Brief Prelude


This is the first entry of my blog writings while I am at Copehagen International Master’s Commision.  I leave Friday-two days.  I am very excited.  This blog is a place for…

  • Prayer Requests
  • Personal/spirtual reflections
  • Things going on at  CIMC
  • A way to communicate with friends and family
  • pictures
  • and video if the oppurtunity arises

This blog is primarliy going to be writing.  Current prayer requests are

  • That rest of the money come in (aka provision-that God will suply)
  • Prepardness- that everything will be in order ie. passport
  • I am trying to see if I can bring a bike and set up a phone there with a U.S. number to communicate with family while I am away
  • and last but not least, saftey while traveling


Thanks to all of you and God bless,








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