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What a mystical thing touch is.  I wonder if we will always wonder, while we are still here, why touch is so important and why it has such strong impressions and gravity on our souls.  I whisper on the wind, hushing words on the backs of leaves: “touch me.”  I then turn, and regret my own selfishness.  I wonder will I lie forever in this damp cave alone, huddled longing for the touch of one or someone.  And then I remember the sin of self-pity and my Lord’s touch that set me free.  And the cave and the darkness disappear, all a mirage.  Alone was I never, and never will I be and for an earthly companion I will wait but not for eternity.  For it is him above all who has set the stars in their place and he alone knows my days before me- for in his book is my destiny. 
I skip stones and glean at the shimmering light of the waters edge, I look out as the sun’s light falls down and the earth holds it up.  Spheres of his making, let the the whole earth rejoice He wants to touch us!