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Kulhuse Retreat Pics


kulhuse retreat 1

Kulhuse retreat relay race/obstacle course begins.  Goal, make way through the lawn blind folded without touching shaving cream. 

kulhuse retreat 2

Jill and Jennifer (from Chicagoland) take in the task at hand.

kulhuse retreat 3

Maria (Denmark) blindfolds Jennifer

kulhuse retreat me 2

Step 3 Wheelbarrow: Jill, Martin (Denmark) and I

kulhuse retreat me 3

Not a holy huddle:later on make way through obstacle course ducktapped and holding a potato.  Pictured (Martin, Jill, Sarah (Austria), and myself)

kulhuse retreat me 1

Leap frog to the end.

kuhuse pick  These are not my own photos but they are a pictures of kulhuse where we were nevertheless. This is were we made our covenents.  If you are not familliar with the concept of covenent in masters commission covenent is were students in their first year commit themselves not to date in order to more fully focus on God.


(above photos curtisy Alicia)