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Tanka. Close to midnight, June 12th 2010.



Heavy air abides

Full of potential, raining

Once again, puddles


Hushed, huddling across wet earth

Wondering when warmth returns


Clumsy shadows fall

The hand moves and light cascades

To reveal; empty.


The sun has set again

Another night home from work



Homo sapiens

God puts the lonely in family

Computer light, cold.


Why are we always trying

To place ourselves?  Comfort food.


The mind is tired.

Pushing out all but the blah.  

Not wanting to feel.  


Tired of disapointing

Mother, God and myself.  


Salty water is

Gathering in the pockets

Beneath eye sockets


Cleansing the shame and pain.  

Lord, these too, in your bottle.